Checking Shutter Count on Sony a7iv (No BS)

Hey folks, this is a (very) quick guide on how to check the shutter count on your Sony a7iv.

It’s really simple and, unlike other sites, I won’t waste your time with a bunch of useless fluff (you know the kind of websites I’m talking about) so here are the steps:

Quick Steps

  1. Take a photo (RAW, not JPEG!) with the camera
  2. Move over the images from your SD card to your computer
  3. Drop that image into a shutter count site (I prefer the aptly named

And that’s it. If you’d like to read some (questionably useful) information about shutter life, keep scrolling. Otherwise, the above steps are all you need to know! 🙂

sony a7iv on table
Trust me, you really don’t have to worry about shutter count with this beast of a camera.

Other Random Notes

What is the rated shutter count of the Sony a7iv?

Every camera manufacturer assigns a specific “rated shutter count” to their cameras. This is more or less just what the company thinks the cameras should “survive” to.

In the case of the Sony a7iv, they rate it at 200,000 actuations. In practice, the lifespan is likely higher, although it may be shorter.

Does high shutter count even matter?

So does high shutter count even matter? Honestly, not really. If you’re buying a used camera and it has a few dozen thousand clicks, don’t be worried.

Provided the camera was treated well and (at least) some care was taken in keeping it clean, you won’t have to worry much. Your camera is MUCH more likely to die to a drop, water damage, etc. versus a failing shutter.

Don’t stress yourself out, just keep shootin’ epic pictures!