Connecting your Sony a7iii to iPhone (Simple!)

Ever wanted to connect your iPhone to your Sony a7iii?

Connecting your phone can work great as a remote shutter or as a “monitor” for recording yourself during vlogging.

In order to not waste your time, I’ll list out the steps really quickly below, but I’ll go into more detail after if you’d like to read more “fluff”.

Quick Steps

  1. Download Sony’s “Imaging Edge Mobile” from the app store
  2. Create account, log-in, and then “allow access” to photos/notifications
  3. On your camera, enable Ctrl w/ smartphone (Menu –> Tab 3 –> Network1)
  4. In that same menu, hit “Connection” and scan the QR code with Sony’s phone app

After all that, you’ll have to hit “yes” to a few more things in the app, and then you’ll be able to control your a7iii with your iPhone!

Do note that this app, over the years, has been notoriously unreliable.

It seems to work better these days, but don’t be distraught if it doesn’t work, just try again.

Speaking of which, let’s go over the directions again, but with much more detail.

black apple iphone

Detailed Steps

Step 1

First up, we’ll need to download Sony’s “Imaging Edge Mobile” from the app store.

For some reason, there’s a few different versions of it, but just download the normal “Imaging Edge Mobile” version.

imaging edge mobile on apple appstore
The 1.7 star rating is foreshadowing… lol.

Step 2

When you open the app, Sony will prompt you to create an account. Create your account and then log in.

After, the app will ask for permissions to access photos, Bluetooth, etc. Allow all permissions.

sony signup page
I guess they now call it the “Creators’ Cloud” signup…

Step 3

Now, go back to your a7iii. Hit the menu button on the rear of the camera, and then navigate to tab 3 (the globe icon) and then page 1 (Network1).

Open “Ctrl w/ Smartphone” and make sure it’s set to “on”.

sony menus
The exact location you’ll find the “Ctrl w/ Smartphone” option.

Step 4

Right underneath that setting, you’ll find another that says “Connection”.

Open that and it’ll display a large QR code on the camera’s screen.

Now, go back to the app on your phone and select “connect with a new camera” and simply scan the QR code.

sony camera next to ipad
After that, you should be able to control your camera from your iPhone/iPad/iWhatever.


As I mentioned, Sony’s mobile app has always been incredibly finicky and glitchy, but in recent years it seems to have gotten a lot better.

If you’re looking to delve deeper into your camera even more, consider reading our a7iii-focused guides on drive modes and focus modes.

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