How to Connect a Microphone to the Sony a6000 (Better Audio)

Yep, the Sony a6000 doesn’t have a mic jack! So how the heck to you actually get good audio?

In this article, I’ll go over two different ways (easy/expensive and cheap/complex) to connect a microphone to the a6000. For this site’s YouTube channel, I actually recorded many of my original videos with my a6k!

So, let’s dive into it.

Easy Way (Expensive)

The easiest way to improve your audio, of course, is to purchase on on-camera mic. However, as we know, the a6000 doesn’t have a mic jack. So, unfortunately, you’re limited to Sony’s very thin range of hot-shoe compatible mics.

I would personally suggest the Sony ECM-GZ1M (affiliate link). It’s not perfect, but it’s an easy way of boosting your audio quality at a decently budget-friendly price (typically less than $100). There are five total hot-shoe microphones that are compatible with the a6000:

  • ECM-G1
  • ECM-GZ1M (obviously)
  • ECM-W1M
  • ECM-W2BT

Hard Way (Cheaper but Complicated)

Now, if you’re on a bit of a budget, there is another way you can get better audio: recording it separately from the camera. This can be a bit more of a pain but is worth it if you’re looking for the absolute best audio possible.

This method involves attaching an external microphone to your smartphone.

What You’ll Need

So here is what you’ll need:

Connecting Everything

Next, you’ll need to connect everything. Connect your phone hot shoe mount to the top of the camera first.

If you bought the one I linked to, it should have a “cold shoe” on the top, which will allow you to mount your microphone right on top of your phone.

After that, simply plug it (the mic) into your smartphone.

Sync Audio in Post

From there, you can record (high quality) audio right to your phone and then splice it together with the footage in editing.

Personally, this is the method I use, although it can be cumbersome. Luckily, a lot of editing software (I use Davinci) has an audio syncing feature. Here’s a guide on syncing audio in Davinci and here is one for syncing audio in Premiere.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your better audio!