How to Change Screen Brightness on Sony a6000

Ever been trying to shoot at mid-day and your screen is a little to dark? What about the opposite: shooting epic astro shots at night, and then you get blinded by your screen.

We’ve all been there. In this quick guide, I’ll be covering how (and why/when) to change the monitor brightness on your a6000.

Let’s do it.

Menu Location

First up, to access the actual brightness settings:

  1. Hit the menu button
  2. Go to tab 6 (suitcase icon)
  3. Go to the 1st page
  4. Open the “monitor brightness” settings

Here’s a visual showing exactly where to find it.

visual showing where to find menu button for brightness
Menu –> Tab 6 –> Page 1

Which setting to choose?

So which setting should you choose? It really depends.

Out enjoying the weather on a sunny day? Set it to, as you’d expect, sunny mode. Keep in mind that in extreme cases, the screen still may be a bit too dark, so you may still have to resort to using the viewfinder.

On the flipside, I like to set it to manual (-2) when shooting at night. This way, I don’t get blinded by the screen and lose my night vision. This is especially important when doing astrophotography.


If you find yourself jumping between environments fairly often, you can actually bind a custom button for the brightness so you don’t have to dig through the menus. In addition, lowering your screen brightness can actually save a LOT of battery life.

Want to learn more about your Sony a6000? We’ve got dozens of a6k-focused guides to check out. Thanks for reading.