How to Use Your Sony a6000 as a Webcam

Don’t want to spend extra money on a dedicated webcam, or just want to make the most of your Sony a6000 series camera? In this very brief and concise guide, we’ll go over how to use a Sony a6000 for streaming.

If you’ve read any other guides on this subject, most talk about how you can use the “imaging edge” program from Sony, but unfortunately that does not support the now quite old Sony a6000, thus we have to go with a slightly more complicated method. Let’s jump in.

First, we need an HDMI capture device.

In order for us to use the Sony a6000 as a webcam, we need to route it through something called a video capture device.

There are plenty of options from plenty of brands, but I, along with some streamer friends, have found the Elgato Cam Link (affiliate link) to work best. It’s a small, thumb-drive sized USB device that plugs into your computer.

Second, we need a cable.

This part is rather simple. The Sony a6000 uses a micro-HDMI port whilst most computers (or in this case, the capture device), use a full-size HDMI port.

For my setup, a 6-foot micro-HDMI to HDMI cable works best, but there’s literally thousands of options here, so pick whatever fits your needs.

hdmi cable being plugged into elgato camlink
Plugging the camera into the Camlink device.

Third, we need a way to charge the camera.

It may seem obvious but, yes, the camera does need to have a source of consistent power while recording. I’d suggest a pretty standard power adapter such as this one on Amazon.

Simply plug it into an outlet, then slide the fake “battery” into the camera for “unlimited” power.

camlink being plugged into computer
Finally, just plug in the Camlink to your computer, and your a6000!

Lastly, we need to change some settings

Now you simply plug your camera into the capture device and it should start showing up under webcam options on your PC.

Now, the last thing to do is to go into settings and turn off the “HDMI Info. Display” to ensure that the settings/histogram don’t show up on your stream. Simply go to the final section (suitcase icon) of the a6000 settings menu, then page three, and then scroll down and switch it to off.

Just like that, you are ready to start using your Sony a6000 for streaming! To recap, here are the three items you’ll need.

Final Notes

It is important to note that you’ll need both good lighting and a decent lens in order to surpass the quality of a typical webcam. For streaming, I’d suggest something wider such as the Sigma 16mm F1.4 (my review here) or even just the cheap kit lens.

Additionally, you’ll need at least a small tripod for stability. You will also need to consider some sort of lighting solution if you lack good light otherwise. Finally, also considering investing in a quality microphone, whether that be on-camera or connected to your PC. Here are some of my personal suggested additions to boost your streaming game:

Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I get a (very) small commission if you purchase anything at no additional cost to you. Thank you!