How to Charge the Sony a6000 (5 Ways)

The Sony a6000 is a mighty little camera that is held back by one thing: poor battery life. In this extremely quick and concise article, we’ll go over all the different ways to charge your a6000. Most links will be affiliate links, which means I get a (very) small commission at no extra cost to you, thanks!

Anyways, let’s dive in.

Charging via USB

The first, and arguably the most simple way to charge your Sony a6000 is with a simple USB cable.

There’s nothing complicated about this method.

On the side of your camera, there’s a small door that can be opened up to allow access to both the USB and mini-HDMI port.

Simply use any Micro-USB cable and plug it in.

Of course, this isn’t the greatest solution since the camera can’t be used while it’s charging.

Charging via Power Bank

This next method goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the prior method: using a mobile power bank.

One major caveat is, as mentioned before, the Sony a6000 can not be used whilst charging over USB, but using a power bank can still be a good solution if you’re taking breaks in between shots.

There are literally thousands of options out there for power banks, but I’ve always had good luck with Anker products in the past.

Using a Battery Charger

The next best method is buying a couple spare batteries and using a battery charger.

If you’ve read my a6000 review, you’ll know that it’s best to always keep a few charged batteries on hand since this camera has such poor battery life.

Being fully honest, buying the OEM Sony batteries is a complete waste of money.

Instead, I’d suggest picking up a cheap kit that includes both the battery charger and the spare batteries themselves.

I’ve used these random offbrand batteries since I bought my camera and have never had any issues with them or the charger itself.

man holding sony a6000
I’d highly recommend just picking up a set of spare batteries.

Using a Battery Grip

A battery grip is another option, although it does negate one of the Sony a6000’s greatest strengths: the low weight and small size.

That being said, if you don’t mind the extra heft, a battery grip such as this one is the perfect way to get a LOT of extra juice out of your camera.

Additionally, it provides increased durability and a better grip. Some, such as the one linked prior, even come with controllers for remote shutter and other camera controls.

Using a “Dummy” Battery

The last option is rather niche, and that is using a dummy battery.

This allows you to continue using your camera whilst it’s plugged in, providing “unlimited” power for certain uses such as streaming or timelapses.

For this to work, you need to purchase a dummy battery kit.

You insert the battery as normal, and then route the cable through the tiny door in the battery compartment (there is a little “flap” that can be opened on the door).

As stated, this method is only useful if the camera is going to be stationary, such as for shooting timelapses or streaming.

Speaking of which, if you’re interested in streaming with your Sony a6000, check out our guide.

laptop with streaming setup
The dummy battery method is good if you need consistent power (for streaming, broadcasts, interviews, etc.).

For convenience, here are links (Amazon) for each of the products in the article.

Confused about what to get? I’d personally suggest just picking up some spare batteries. Carrying a couple spares with you is the most simple, lightweight option.

Disclaimer: Some links in this article may be affiliate links, which means I get a (very small) commission if you purchase things through my links. If you do, thank you for the support! <3

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  1. Something I do when travelling with my Sony cameras is to bring a powerbank. This can be connected to the USB charger and the camera gets charged as you go (usually sitting in my rucksack). I only plug it in when I’ve used about half the battery as I’m using the camera otherwise.

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