How to Use Canon Lenses on Sony Cameras

Considering moving away from Canon? Do it! Many years ago I did the same thing. So, this will be a quick guide about how to adapt your old glass to Sony plus some of the limitations and considerations. Let’s jump into it!

What limitations are there?

Before we get into the details, let’s talk about limitations. Although adapting Canon lenses over to E-mount works fairly well, there are some inherent flaws.

  • Less Reliable Focus versus OEM Sony lenses as most AF assists (EyeAF, for example) won’t work with Canon glass
  • Sony lenses are faster than adapted Canon lenses. You’ll still find AF performance acceptable, however.
  • Adapters can be expensive, but they’re cheaper than buying an entire new set of lenses for your new camera system!

How to adapt Canon lenses?

So, if you’ve decided, despite the drawbacks, to bring your Canon lenses over to Sony, it’s actually quite easy to do so.

You simply need to purchase an EF/EF-S –> E-mount adapter. After that, you attach your Canon lens and that’s it, nothing else needs to be done. For your convenience, here is a link below to the most “famous” Canon to Sony adapter. Thanks for reading!

Sigma MC-11 Canon –> Sony Adapter

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